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This site contains descriptions of books concerned with the rational investigation of claims of the paranormal and related issues. Feel free to explore any topics of interest. You can also use this site to order books, subscribe to Skeptic Magazine or order back issues.
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Skeptic 15.4Skeptic 15.4. Climate Skeptics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Randi on Dowsing Bomb Detectors, The $1 Million Challlenge, What is Truth?, The Nonreligious: The Stigma of Being an Atheist, The Growth of Religious Indifference, Health Hype: Are We Really Living longer? Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? The SkepDoc on: Do Environmental Chemicals Destroy Male Fertility, Boosting Your Immune System, Teaching Strategies: Magic in the Classroom, the Grinnell Experiment. Junior Skeptic: Top 10 Busted Myths
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  • Skeptic 15.3Skeptic 15.3. Ten Top Mind Myths. Top Ten Psych Myths, Is the Mind Designed or a Kludge?, Debunking DSMV, How the Psychic Industry Works, Is Instant Language Learning Possible?, Do Magicians Believe in "Real Magic"?, The Beverley Hills Battle for Evolution, The Resurrection of Margaret Mead, The Dangers of First Contact with Aliens, Norm Levitt's Last Defense of Science, Supernatural Literature, SkepDoc on Cancer Screening, Randi on How to Be a Psychic, Shermer on the Coma Man Media Hoax, Jr. Skeptic: Cottingley Fairies.
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  • Skeptic 15.2Skeptic 15.2. The End of the World - Again? A NASA Scientists Answers the Top 20 Questions about 2012, LHC: Will Physics Destroy the World, Why Atheism & IQs Are Rising, Chiropractic, Vaccines & Autism, Time to Teach the Controversy?, Magicians in the Lab, Coriolis Effect Myth, Evolution Teacher Poll, Why Religions Turn Oppressive. Jr. Skeptic: Thetis Lake Monster.
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  • The Goat Problem. A HTML/PHP version of this problem in perceiving conditional probabilities. Click here to play. One- and two-player games now available!
    Science Friction by Michael Shermer (2005). Where the Known Meets the Unknown.
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